Getting Started

This guide provides minimal guide to start working on this app on devstack, production and virtualenv environment.

Quickstart Instructions for Production

Install this plugin via pip. Then configure your Ansible server-vars.yml with the following:

    NAME: course_access_groups.acl_backends:user_has_access
    NAME: course_access_groups.acl_backends:user_has_access
    NAME: course_access_groups.acl_backends:user_has_access
    NAME: course_access_groups.acl_backends:user_has_access

Quickstart Instructions for Devstack

Set FEATURES["ORGANIZATIONS_APP"] = true in both lms.env.json and cms.env.json of your Docker devstack. Set "ENABLE_COURSE_ACCESS_GROUPS": true in Site Configuration under: http://localhost:18000/admin/site_configuration/siteconfiguration/ .

Then run the following commands on your machine:

$ cd ~/work/tahoe-hawthorn/src/
$ git clone cag
$ git clone search
$ cd search && git checkout appsembler-beta-release-2020-01-07_4
$ cd ../../devstack
$ make COMMAND='pip install -e /edx/src/cag -e /edx/src/search' tahoe.exec.edxapp
$ make COMMAND='python lms --settings=devstack_docker migrate' SERVICE=lms tahoe.exec.single
$ make lms-restart studio-restart

You should be able to control the CAG model from within: http://localhost:18000/admin/course_access_groups/

Good luck fiddling with it.

If something doesn’t work for you, make sure you have all the required changes for your Open edX for. See the :ref:supported_open_edx_version section for information about those required changes.

Install Dependencies for Contributing to This App

If you have not already done so, create or activate a virtualenv. Unless otherwise stated, assume all terminal code below is executed within the virtualenv.

Dependencies can be installed via the command below.

$ make requirements
$ pytest