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This is a plugin for the Open edX Platform that provides the Course Access Group functionality. It can be installed via pip with minimal configuration to provide an admin panel to allow site administrators to create access groups and assign courses to them.

Learners upon registration will be automatically assigned to a specific group, from which it’ll be possible to see which courses they’ll be able to see and enroll in.

The classic example is that you’d want to offer different courses to your customers, employees and offer some courses for everyone. Hence you’d need to make two groups and assign courses to only learners within those groups while mark some courses as public ones.


The full documentation is at

Supported Open edX Version

The bad news, there’s none. The good news is that there’s a plan to make it work with the upstream Open edX versions out of the box.

The even better news, is that you can get this plugin to work by cherry-picking the following pull requests:


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